Faculty Profiles

DAVID BARNETT, ESQ. - Partner in the law of Frankel, Hershkowitz, and Shafran. A former professor at Brooklyn College, he is an expert on immigrant law.

J. ROBERT COLEMAN, LLM - Former professor of taxation at Bernard M. Baruch College, CUNY, is currently associated with Janover Rubinroit in New York. One of the foremost experts and lecturers in the nation in real estate taxation and other federal tax areas.

ATTORNEY E. DAVIS, LLM - Partner in the law firm of Hinshaw and Culbertson. Foremost lecturer and ethicist. Past President of Association of Profession Responsibility Lawyers (APRL). Author of a variety of journal articles and books.

SAMUEL A. DYCKMAN, LLM - Professor Emeritus of Taxation, Bernard M. Baruch College - CUNY and tax consultant to Eisner and Lubin. Renowned national lecturer and expert on all matters relating to Federal income taxation.

THEODORE G. FEDORA, ESQ. - Professor at St. Johns University of Law and in private practice specializes in estate planning, drafting and execution of wills, elder law, guardianship and probate.

DENNIS GERSCHICK, ESQ., CPA - Attorney, CPA, and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). He provides legal, business, and investment and legal advice to attorneys, CPA's and venture capitalists. Authored two monographs and many articles investment, legal and tax topics.

WAYNE GREENWALD, ESQ. - Partners in the law firm of Greenwald and Rumberg. His expertise is representing clients in the entire spectrum of parties-in-interest in debtor/creditor scenarios and cases under the Bankruptcy code. He has authored and edited numerous articles and treatises on bankruptcy and creditors' rights.

ROBERT E. McKENZIE, ESQ. - Partners in the Chicago law firm of Arnstein and Lehr. Foremost lecturer and expert on IRS matters and was employed by the IRS. Is authored numerous articles and books on IRS issues.

DOV TRIEMAN, ESQ. - Partner in the law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey. He has written over 80 volumes on the subject of landlord-tenant law and has often been quoted as authority in decisions by various courts.

MICHAEL TUCKER, LLM - Former Fulbught Scholar and Professor at Quinniproc University. Author of over 100 books and journal articles on accounting and business issues. Connilal to T.M. Byxbee Company and is a foremost expert in legal and tax issues related to not-for-profit organizations.

ARTHUR J. WERNER, ESQ. - President in the firm of Werner-Roca Seminars, Ltd. His expertise is in the area of estate taxation and planning as well as elder law issues. He is also an adjunct professor of taxation in the MS program at Philadelphia University.

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